Korinami opening performance at Future Talents vertical on Wellbeing

Frontiers NEXT
Musician, Composer, Producer and Sound Design.
Thanks to the multifaceted curiosity and ability to experiment in the field of music of various kinds he has founded various projects including:
Kalweit and the Spoke, with Leziero Rescigno and Georgeanne Kalweit, two active albums and a tour in America,
Adam Carpet, with Diego Galeri, Alessandro Deidda, Silvia Ottanà, Francesco Capasso, three discs and various tours also abroad, Korinami, a project that ranges from Suond Design to the publication of works between ambient, techno and sound experiments in the field of electronics.
As a producer, in addition to the aforementioned albums, he has produced for third parties and collaborated with various musicians and artists of the Milanese scene: Dj Pandaj, Esa, Tormento, Frankie HI Nrg, Francesco di Bella, Lagasch, Barbara Cavaleri, Dario Ciffo, Alessandro Grazian, Micol Martinez, Alessandra Contini, Lele Battista, Julitha Rian, Guignol, Luca Milani, Marya, Andrea La Banca, among others.
Producer also for film and theater music with Nicola Masciullo for Warner and Rai Cinema.